A Step By Step Guide on How to Paint Your Nerf Gun

Want to make your Nerf gun look stylish and different than your squad’s guns? Follow the step by step painting guide below and make your friends envy you.

1. Sand your gun

Use a 100-grit sandpaper first, followed by a 200-grit sandpaper to make your gun less slick and glossy. This makes it easier to paint the gun’s surface.

2. Remove Nerf gun logo

You don’t need the logo to sparkle in the middle of the gun. That takes away the show altogether. Use a dremel tool to pick out the logo. Make sure you use the tool at a low speed so as not to scratch the gun’s surface. This will give your gun a used and dirty look, something that makes it appear more attractive later.

3. Clean the gun

Use a soapy sponge to clean your gun as it will contain dust and residue after sanding. Alternatively, you can use a toothbrush to clean the cramped areas and wipe the gun with a clean microfiber cloth.


4. Spray a primer

Put your Nerf gun on a wooden table and spray a primer as a base. Keep spraying until you cover every millimeter of the gun’s surface. You can rotate the parts to spray from different angles.

5. Paint the first coat

This is the first step where you finally get to use the paint. Choose your favorite color and spray the first coat. If you want a metallic look, go for black. Make sure you wear gloves before holding the spray can. You wouldn’t want drops of paint to flow down your hand. They take days to go. 

6. Place tapes for accents

Don’t just leave the gun after painting the first coat. Place tapes around the blaster and prepare it for the accents. The tape strips will allow you enough space to use a stencil and paint on the areas later.


7. Spray the accent coat

Choose a different color for the accent coat. You need to be careful here because there isn’t a lot of space to work with. Make sure that your spray hits only the pieces of tape and nowhere else. 

8. Mist the gun

Always use two contrasting colors for this step. It creates a misted color, making the gun look rugged instead of shiny and cheap. Misting also provides texture to your gun’s surface, giving it a realistic look.

9. Add decals using stencils

Get a stencil from any hardware store and place it on the area of the gun where you want to imprint the decal. You may write your name or your initials. Once you place the stencil, use a sponge or small brush to apply the paint you want.

10. Finish off with the last coat

Spray a clear coat to finish things off. This should preserve the paint job for years. Select the clear depending on how you want it to look. There are both shiny and matte clear coats available.

Now that you know the steps to paint your Nerf gun, gather the required tools, and get on with it.

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