Best Nerf Games

If you have space in your backyard, the best nerf games can be a great form of exercise for the whole family. Nerf toy blasters are not only for kids to enjoy, but these toys are also fun for grownups! There are pretty amazing options if you are looking for NERF guns for adults.

Organize nerf games for birthday parties, or even just for a fun weekend activity, to keep kids and adults in good spirits. Here is the most fun nerf activities that the whole family will love.

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Game 1: Spinning Targets

Display cardboard with holes and spinning targets can be a fun alternative to the usually stacked cup targets. Set up a large “wall” of cardboard, cut holes, and install small circle targets in the holes that spin when they got shot. 

To create the spinning targets, skewer the small targets with thin barbecue sticks and tape a small coin at the bottom of each target. Use a section of plastic straw to skewer the sticks in. The straw makes it possible for the skewers to move around so that the target spins in place.

Game 2: Build Your Own Shooting Range 

This game works like a shooting gallery that’s often found in amusement parks. Create small targets from file folders by cutting out small rectangles and fold them at the bottom. The folded section can be taped on a large base. Do as many small targets as you like, then assign points. Give out prizes when certain points are reached. 

To level up: tape a line of targets on a long pole. Make several lines of targets, and have somebody move the line of targets from side to side.

Game 3: Hanging Targets

Hang plastic cups upside down with strings, and let the cups hang from a small metal stand. Assign points to each target. Have fun!

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