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Best Nerf Guns for Adults – A Buyer’s Guide

Among the defining memories as a child, that you may have experience with is Nerf guns. You may even recall how exciting it was to play with them. Shooting your friends, nailing your “enemies” in the head, and so on.

Growing up sucks and you may even think having this kind of fun is all in the past, while only your younger relatives or children have a chance to play with them.

Not anymore. The Nerf Company has gone on to capitalize on this nostalgia by making good-quality guns for kids at heart, and in this article today we will give you some top five Nerf guns for adults to look out for on Amazon.

1. Zombie Doublestrike Blaster

Zombie Strike double blaster

If you have thought about blasting zombies – here is your chance. In fact, this does not give you one shot per fire but two. This is because of its compact design – it allows you to load with one hand and shoot with the other, either at the same time or in quick succession.

Whenever you load the blaster and pull the trigger, the double tap that this gun has is automatic because of two darts at the same time.

The blaster has twin barrels, which are vertically stacked. All you need to do is load one zombie dart in each barrel. The gun comes with two darts and a hammer action blaster, and it allows you to draw it quickly in your missions.

The thing we did not like about this gun though was the fact it only came with two darts – when you are out fighting “zombies”, you need all the ammo you can get. Otherwise, the shooting action is good and the accuracy is high.

Pros Of Zombie Doublestrike Blaster

  • Has very good shooting power
  • It is very easy to use and load
  • The double shooting action is convenient and fun
  • Has a good design

Cons Of Zombie Doublestrike Blaster

  • Some users raise complaints on the gun being hard to load for younger children
  • The shooting range is not long
  • The darts can accidentally fall out when you load the gun


2. The N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

Elite Strongarm Double Blaster

Having fast firing as well as quick drawing abilities, this gun gives you elite performance, all in your hands. If you want speed and quick action, look no further than this gun.

The barrel contains six darts and the Slam fireside gives you total control and allows you to shoot quickly, all giving you an adrenaline-filled experience. Because N-Strike blasters are the ultimate quality, they are the final say in quality Nerf guns. You can even fire darts up to 75 feet with its power.

Every blaster has additional velocity, allowing it to maintain both stability of flight and accuracy of shots. In addition, the barrel is very easy to reload – just open it, load the six darts and flip it to close.

If you want added customization of your Nerf gun, simply use any Tactical Rail accessory – you can get these separately at affordable fees. The package comes with a Nerf gun, the six darts and a manual.

Pros Of The N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

  • The gun is easy to reload and use
  • Its firing range is very long, making it useful for shooting targets that are farther away
  • It has an ergonomic hold, making it easy to handle
  • Affordable and good value for the price
  • It has a good size for adults to handle

Cons Of The N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster


  • The accuracy is sometimes not very good
  • It has some issues with consistency in firing, especially after some months of use



3. The N-Strike Jolt Blaster

The N-Strike Jolt Blaster

Do not let the size of this Nerf gun fool you – it packs a punch while giving you an extraordinary performance. You can even hide it inside your pockets easily, and pretend you are one of the action heroes you grew up watching.

This gun does not require so many darts either – its barrel capacity holds two darts. Moreover, honestly, you may not need that much since it can shoot farther away. It also allows you to load it quickly and pull your trigger to save the day. In terms of performance, it does not jam either – so it guarantees you smooth operation all the way.

The only thing that we did not like about this gun was its small capacity – this is not a major issue for some, but to others it can be a deal breaker since you have to load the gun all the time.

Pros Of The N-Strike Jolt Blaster

  • It is useful for both adults and children
  • You can hide it easily, and therefore surprise others with it
  • The handle of the gun is easy to handle and comfortable
  • It has good shooting range for its size

Cons Of The N-Strike Jolt Blaster

  • The handle may be too small for some people
  • The trigger and handle are hard to pull sometimes


4. Mega Thunder blaster

Mega Thunder blaster

With this gun, you get to undergo battles that are more exciting – this gun features larger sized darts. Not only that, but also has a flexible ThunderBow blaster, which comes with realistic bow action. Feel like your favourite archer today by simply pulling back the string and releasing it to launch the darts. At the back of the gun, there is a small rectangle, which changes to green as soon as you pull the string back enough to launch.

This gun is even more exciting because you can release five darts in quick succession without reloads, and the darts can reach a distance of up to 100 feet. The package comes with 10 darts for your added convenience. However, one aspect of this gun we did not lie was the size – it may be too big to handle, especially if you give it to children.

Pros Of Mega Thunder blaster

  • Very easy and fun to use
  • Has very large darts that make a whistling noise as they fly, adding to the experience
  • The gun is light in weight
  • The string is very easy to pull back
  • It does not come with batteries, so it has less hassle for maintenance

Cons Of Mega Thunder blaster

  • The accuracy of shots is not very good
  • You cannot give it to younger children to use


5. Zombie strike FlipFury Blaster

Zombie strike FlipFury Blaster

Another one in defeating zombies that come your way, this gun has both the tools that you require to defeat zombies, as well as high exciting levels of action.

What we did not like was that the darts and blasters are separate from the package, so you have to purchase them alone, but the gun makes up for this by having a high capacity of darts (six darts each) and the gun can hold two barrels at the same time. All you need to do is release six darts from the top barrel, then switch to the secondary trigger to change the barrel and continue.

Pros Of Zombie strike FlipFury Blaster

  • The spring is very strong, so it guarantees durability
  • It has good firing power
  • It has the capacity for large numbers of darts and does not jam as it shoots
  • Has good accuracy, even for longer distances

Cons Of Zombie strike FlipFury Blaster

  • The gun is bulky, and may be difficult to handle continuously over long periods
  • It is also challenging to reload


What to look for in an adult Nerf gun

If you are searching for an option to occupy your time while relieving your childhood memories, this is the perfect tool. Nerf guns for adults are as safe as for kids – in fact; they contain foam ammunition to reduce injury risks. In addition, adult leagues are beginning to embrace them, and they are increasingly featuring in competitive battles.

Dart guns are no longer limited to single shot action – they are increasing in complexity. However, the use depends on the type of player you are and the blasters you own. So what are these types of Nerf guns?

Types of Nerf guns

The Nerf rifle – larger than the Nerf pistol, it needs the use of two hands. It comes with increased size of the magazine, as well as larger shooting ranges. They also happen to cost more than pistol guns, particularly if it has additional features like lights.

The Nerf pistol – a one-handed weapon that launches single darts. They are popular among many users because of their affordability, easy customization, ammo support and user-friendliness.

Nerf shotgun – these enhance the fun because of high discharge rates. That means they fire more than one dart at a single time, and these are gaining popularity among adults in competitions.

Novelty guns – Nerf also produces guns with unique features, such as rapid-fire machine guns, bows that launch large darts, and so on. They are also popular among players because of their unique style, and they are increasingly useful in competitive leagues.

Ammunition types in Nerf guns

The wide range of weapons that Nerf produces requires different forms of ammunition. Some of the guns support various types, while others only use one type.

Started in 1992, the initial dart was the Sharpshooter, then later upgraded to the Mega dart. These proved more popular among users compared to Ballistic balls, so the company decided to continue with their production. Here is a short breakdown of the dart types.

Collectibles – examples include star shots. Widely available

Elites – includes Mega darts. Widely available

Suction – these mostly work well with regular Nerf guns. They include the N-strike elite. Available, though the company no longer produces some models.

Sonic models – includes micro darts. Some are available, though the company no longer makes some of them.

Specialty – This ammo is good for certain guns. They include missiles and arrows. They are also widely available, though the company has discontinued some of them.

Some accessories that come with Nerf guns

For additional components, you have two choices for purchase:

The standard quality Nerf products, which include e-shoulder straps and barrel extensions

Third-party options or aftermarket

Features to look for in a Nerf gun

Ammunition capacity

Most Nerf guns will not be very generous with the number of darts in initial packs, so you should factor in extra ammo packs. There are five types you can choose, such as the standard darts, mega darts, missiles, and even foam balls (these are less available).


You can choose many accessories, particularly those from third-party suppliers. Useful additions however, include magazines with higher capacities (clips). There are also bi-pods, grips and sights, all to help you in your missions.

The only thing you need to ensure is that your blaster is well suited for these accessories, or else you could be wasting your money. For example, the Modulus Tri-Strike is not good for bi-pods or flip-down grip guns because of its upper accessory rail.


This is among the most important factors you need to consider when purchasing a Nerf gun. You may think that longer ranges are good, but this is not always the case. For instance, if most of your battles are indoors, you do not need a long-distance weapon.

Do you want a motorized gun?

This is because manual guns tend to be slower than motorized guns, and they do not require batteries. Motorized guns also run out of ammunition quickly, but the advantage is they reload faster.


This was a tough call, but overall the best Nerf gun for adults in the bunch is the Zombie FlipFury blaster. With its range of power shots and high capacity for darts, it presents the ideal for great experiences and making you feel like an action hero. Just be careful – avoid handing it to the younger ones, as they may not handle it very well, and it may be too bulky for them.

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