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Best NERF Guns for Under $30


Nothing beats the fun of NERF wars. It’s about the only time when you can shoot each other up without the risk of serious injury. It’s like being in a real-life action movie, minus the real bullets and guns.

But what if you’d like a NERF gun but don’t want to spend much? Not to worry. Here are our top three picks for NERF guns that you can get for less than $30. 

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1. N-Strike Elite SurgeFire

N-Strike Elite SurgeFire

The SurgeFire is like an upgraded version of the smaller Strongarm blasters. The rotating drum of the SurgeFire is larger, holding 15 rounds. Also, the slide is in front, and it also acts as a front grip for better stability.


  • Rotating drum holds 15 darts
  • Pull the slide and squeeze the trigger to fire
  • Slam-fire mode: Hold down the trigger and pump the slide back and forth quickly to fire 15 darts fast
  • Price: $24.99


If you want a NERF with a high ammo capacity but needs no batteries, the SurgeFire is what you’re looking for.

Also, take a look at the fully manual NERF Strongarm Double Blaster which can rapid-fire the darts by holding down the trigger and repeatedly pumping the slide back and forth.

Pros Of N-Strike Elite SurgeFire

  • Fires 15 rounds before needing a reload
  • No batteries required

Cons Of N-Strike Elite SurgeFire

  •  Darts can jam the gun sometimes


2. Rival Takedown XX-800

Rival Takedown XX-800

It looks like a shotgun and fires like one, but it isn’t. The Rival Takedown XX-800 is a single-shot NERF gun that fires specially-designed ball bullets that travel faster than regular NERF darts.


  • Pump-action handle primes the gun for firing
  • 8-round capacity
  • Fires NERF Rival ball rounds
  • Load rounds from the top of the barrel
  • Rounds travel at 90 feet per second
  • Trigger lock prevents accidental firing
  • Price: $19.99


The XX-800 is a compact yet high-powered NERF gun that’s best for intense NERF wars. The fast Rival rounds ensure that you can hit your opponents as quickly as you fire too. You should also check out the best NERF rival guns.

Pros Of Rival Takedown XX-800

  • Easy to reload
  • Compact size
  • Rounds travel very fast

Cons Of Rival Takedown XX-800

  • A little bulky
  • Gun can misfire sometimes


3. Fortnite RL Blaster

Fortnite RL Blaster

NERF guns don’t just fire darts and balls. The Fortnite RL, like the weapon it was patterned after, fires rockets instead. With this, you can stage a real-life Fortnite battle.


  • Fires foam rocket rounds
  • Load and fire rockets in 3 quick steps
  • Designed exactly like the rocket launcher in the popular video game Fortnite
  • Price: $29.99


The Fortnite RL is best for those who want to step up their NERF game. Now you can take your NERF battles to the next level with rockets.

Pros Of Fortnite RL Blaster

  • Easy to load and fire
  • Long-range

Cons Of Fortnite RL Blaster

  • Wings on the rockets can break off easily



You don’t need to spend a fortune to experience the fun of shooting a NERF gun. These three picks won’t set you back too much, and they’re a joy to play with as well. Easy to load, aim, and fire, these NERF guns will be your best buds for hours of shoot-em-up with your friends and family.

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