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Nerf guns are essential toys perfect for young boys and even big boys. They’re harmless, fun, and designed for competitive and cooperative team play.

Here’s a rundown of the three best Nerf Rival guns in the market today. We’ve included specs, as well as the pros and cons of each Nerf rival gun.

1. Prometheus MXVII-20K

Prometheus MXVII-20K

If you want to be the kind of wily champion like Prometheus, the Greek Titan of Foresight, this gun is a dream come true.


  • Advanced acceleration system
  • Rechargeable battery
  • High capacity hopper
  • 200 high impact rounds
  • High impact foam rounds
  • 100 feet per second velocity


The Prometheus MXVII-20K comes on top because it’s the total package. With Prometheus MXVII-20K’s eight rounds per second blaster, massive hopper capacity of 200, and maximum shot range at 100 feet per second, this gun guarantees a lot of fun.

Pros Of Prometheus MXVII-20K

  • Safe and excellent fires (8 rounds per second)
  • Huge hopper capacity
  • Comes with tons of ammo
  • Rechargeable battery

Cons Of Prometheus MXVII-20K

  • Less durable


2. Kronos Outdoor Blaster


Coming in at a neat and petite make, the NERF Rival Kronos Outdoor Blaster is a durable gun that boasts of a tactical rail and trigger lock. It can also blast at a shot range of 90 feet per second. The unit comes with red and blue flags to enhance competitive play. For budget buyers, this is an ideal choice. You can expect a compact yet powerful blaster that comes at a low price.


  • Breech load blaster
  • Five high impact rounds
  • Spring-action mechanism, trigger lock, and tactical rail
  • 90 feet per second velocity


Although some claim that this Nerf gun’s somewhat hard to reload, it’s the best one you could get for its price. Its features remain superior, as evident in its shooting accuracy, velocity, and versatility. The ammo capacity may disappoint, though, with only five rounds.

Pros Of Kronos Outdoor Blaster

  • Five high-impact rounds
  • High shooting accuracy with incredible speed (90 ft/s)
  • Ideal size for youngsters
  • Relatively inexpensive

Cons Of Kronos Outdoor Blaster

  • Challenging to reload at times


3. Phantom Helios XVII-700


Our next choice rates high on uniqueness. If you’re up for something uniquely challenging, then the Phantom Helios XVII-700 is an excellent option to consider. It comes customizable with additional accessories and gear. Thanks to its bolt-action feature, Phantom Helios offers leveled-up gameplay and even better accuracy.


  • Bolt-action blaster
  • Seven high-impact rounds
  • 100 feet per second velocity
  • Easy-load magazine, trigger lock, and tactical rail


This gun is straightforward to load and could fire at 100 feet per second. However, you might need to pack on some back-ups as it only comes with seven rounds. Despite this shortcoming, Helios XVII-700 still gets the job done.

Pros Of Phantom Helios XVII-700

  • Bolt-action feature
  • High shooting accuracy
  • Impressive shots (100 ft/s)

Cons Of Phantom Helios XVII-700

  • Prone to jamming
  • Only seven rounds


Nerf guns provide intense fun for youngsters and for dyed-in-the-wool Nerf fans the world over. While this article features the top three picks, choosing the best gun depends on stealth, firepower, visual appeal, and the battle scenario. Check out the best nerf guns in 2020 reviewed by us. There’s no better way to blast friends and family than with a powerful Nerf rival gun.

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