How Do Nerf Guns Operate?

Your children have probably pestered you to get them a Nerf gun, right? But you have very scanty information about them or how they work. The only information you are sure about is that a Nerf gun is a toy. Is it a safe toy to play with? Will it be a good choice for my children? You repeatedly ask yourself. Well, we will try and break it down for you by explaining what exactly it is and how it works, hoping the information will be useful.

What is a Nerf gun?

In broad sense, Nerf is a huge toy brand company that specializes in a variety of foam-based weaponry such as dart guns and blasters which shoot ‘ammunition’ made from Nerf foam. Usually, Nerf products contain bright neon color features and soft textures mostly for aesthetics appeal but more so for safety purposes.

So how do the Nerf guns work?

Inner Mechanism of a Nerf Gun

First of all, the parent company prefers to use the term “blasters” instead of the g-word so as to have it less frightening or reduce anxiety among parents and the kids. For obvious reasons of course.

Nerf blasters are toy plastic guns that shoot foam darts. The darts’ tips are normally made of Velcro, to make them easier to stick on Nerf vests which are also tipped with suction cups. The suction cups are designed to stick on to smooth surfaces and simplified to fit in magazines. Other features include; ability to whistle while in flight, glow in the dark or able to alter into different colors.

Generally, Nerf guns have strategic rails that can contain various attachments, though there are those that can attach to special devices such as barrel extensions and socks.

What stands out?

The Nerf gun is actually a spectacle in toy manufacturing. It is only one just above one foot long, one of the smaller weapons in the Nerf weaponry. However, it is small enough for you to hold two of them in your hand. It is one of the most advanced toy weapons out there. One of its main strengths is that it can shoot a 3-inch foam dart by dashing it 30 feet through the air, then repeating the sequence every half second. How about that!

Visually, the Nerf gun is supposed to bear a resemblance with an actual revolver for its aesthetic appeal. This has been done by deliberately adding unrelated bulges and textures so as to mimic reality. When you pull the trigger, a dart slides into the barrel where it is grabbed by two battery-powered spinning drums and it is sent off towards the enemy. Simultaneously, the trigger turns the revolving chamber, ready for the next dart for firing.

Final thoughts

If you are worried about the safety of this toy, as any parent would, you can relax. This toy has been manufactured with children in mind, so safety measures have been considered. It is also safe for children as young as six years or older. Give it a try!

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