How Safe are Nerf Guns?

Nerf guns are very popular with children and many parents consider them as a main Christmas must-have gift. Before you get it for your child, have you questioned how safe this toy is? As a parent, safety for your children is the utmost priority. Though Nerf guns manufacturers insist that they have put safety measures in place, there have been a few reported incidents of accidents involving these toys. Most of the reported cases relate to eye injuries. Especially, internal bleeding and blurred vision.

However, it is important to note that as much as the manufacturers have put safety measures in place, some of the risks are actually posed by other products that are not affiliated with the Nerf Brand. These include cheaper bullets that fit in Nerf guns that are harder than actual Nerf bullets. There are also online videos teaching children how to make the guns shoot faster which alters the original design of the gun. This compromises the safety features of this toy.

What safety precautions should you consider?

To ensure that the Nerf gun operates as a fun toy and not as a product to be feared, it is necessary for you to consider some precautions as your child plays with this toy as noted below.

  1. Ensure you avoid direct shots in the face, especially the eyes because they can easily be injured. However, Nerf darts are fairly harmless because they are made from foam.
  2. Always have safety goggles on while playing to protect the eyes. This should not be optional but compulsory, especially for younger children.
  3. Ensure you do not shoot at other things that can be dangerous or aggressive such as animals because you can get hurt in the process.
  4. Stick to playing the game only. This means you should not do other things that are done in real life gun situations such as breaking into homes, trespassing private property or shooting at people that are not part of the game.

How else can you ensure safety?

Nerf guns can be a good teaching tool if used correctly. For instance, you can teach your kids on basic arithmetic such as addition, subtraction or multiplication by shooting plastic cups.

You can also use the toy to train your children on proper gun handling practice which can help keep them safe in the event they come across a real gun situation. Here, you can train on precautions which include;

  • Avoid looking down the barrel of a gun even when you think it is not loaded
  • Withhold your fingers away from the trigger and keep the gun pointed downwards until you are ready to aim at your target.
  • To prevent accidents, do not leave your gun lying around when loaded.

Final thoughts

Nerf guns are pretty much safe, as they are made of few movable parts, they are very light and have limited power. However, to prevent any possible incidents, it is important you take precautions and insist that your children do the same.



A Nerf gun usually can be a great teaching tool and can be a good starting point

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