Nerf Gun Barrel Modifications

One of the special reasons that Nerf blasters continue to be popular, is that it can be customized for added fun. Barrel modification (mod) is just one of many things that you can tinker with to improve your Nerf gun. The goal is to be able to increase improve power so that you can shoot darts further.

 Before attempting to do your first mod, it would be more helpful to learn about Nerf’s inner workings and the roles the different parts play. You’ll soon be modding in no time.

A Simple Barrel Mod

Most Nerf mods are done on barrels to increase the force of each blaster shot. A typical barrel is made from plastic and doesn’t allow air pressure to build up, so it doesn’t maximize a dart’s range.

The plastic barrel diameter is usually larger than the dart’s diameter, so replacing the plastic barrel with a tighter barrel increases power. A simple modification is to use a brass barrel to fit your darts.

What You Need:

Here’s the most basic mod on how to enhance your Nerf barrel. You’ll need the following:

  • 17/32 in brass barrel
  • screwdrivers
  • *hacksaw or pipe cutters for cutting the barrel
  • sandpaper
  • *If you are below 16 years old, ask help from an adult to safely use a hacksaw and pipe cutters.


  • Take out the original Nerf barrel and replace it with the 17/32 in brass one.
  • More detailed instructions for a barrel replacement for the Nerf Longshot can be found here.

Brass Mod Alternatives

When you change barrel specs, you will mostly use PETG, PVC, or brass. While brass is the gold standard, PETG can be as good and feels lighter. PVC is good if you’re on a tight budget.

 Most mod parts can be bought online at speciality Nerf shops that offer specific mods for specific Nerf models.

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