Nerf Modulus Stryfe Review

About This Gun

Most NERF guns require two steps to shoot: pull back the handle or slide, then pull the trigger. But the NERF Modulus Stryfe makes it easier. It’s a motorized blaster, so all you have to do is turn it on and pull the trigger. 

Each trigger pull fires off one dart. If you can squeeze the trigger faster, then you can fire more quickly. As long as the motor is on, the Modulus Stryfe is ready for action. This NERF gun is much more of a joy to play with than the purely manual models.



The NERF Modulus Stryfe fires darts through the action of spinning flywheels inside. This mechanism requires 4 AA batteries to work. There is also an additional switch below the trigger that you have to hold down before firing. Once the motor spins up, you can fire darts very quickly.

6-Dart Magazine

The Stryfe’s darts are housed in a six-round clip, which you can easily attach and detach to the underside of the gun. 


The Stryfe comes with a drop grip and a barrel extension for added stability and range. Clips with more dart capacity are also available separately.


The Stryfe can hit targets up to 90 feet away.

Final Verdict

If you’re more of an action junkie and want a NERF gun that fires faster, the NERF Modulus Stryfe is a wise choice. Although motorized, it remains easy enough to handle. Its weight or bulk does not get in the way of fun at all!

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Pros Of

  • The motorized mechanism ensures a high rate of fire.
  • No need to pull a slide or pump a handle between each shot.
  • You can add mods and use longer clips.
  • Stryfe has a relatively long range.

Cons Of

  • The included clip has a small capacity for a motorized NERF gun.
  • The 4 AA batteries add to the weight of the gun.
  • If you forget to hold down the switch, it won’t fire.
  • The gun tends to be prone to jams.