NERF Strongarm Double Blaster Review

About This Gun

The NERF Strongarm Double Blaster is one of the most famous NERF guns in existence. It’s also a fan favorite, being compact, easy to use, and affordable. Kids and grown-ups alike will certainly get a kick out of this NERF gun.

The Strongarm is fully manual, which means you have to pull the slide at the rear end before squeezing the trigger. But here’s the fun part: you can rapid-fire the darts by holding down the trigger and repeatedly pumping the slide back and forth.

Reloading is also easy. Just slide out the barrel, insert six new darts, then slide the barrel back in.

If you are not a fully manual NERF gun fan, then NERF Modulus Stryfe is the thing for you.



The NERF Strongarm Double Blaster can shoot darts as far as 75 feet.


Hold down the trigger and pump the slide repeatedly to fire six darts rapidly.

Easy Reloading

Just flip open the barrel to load in a new set of darts.

Fully Manual

The strongarm needs no batteries to use. Just pull the slide and it’s ready to fire.


The Strongarm can be used in one hand. It’s light enough for both kids and adults to hold.


The Strongarm uses NERF Elite darts as its bullets.

Final Verdict

The NERF Strongarm Double Blaster delivers excellent value for money. With no batteries required, this gun will give both children and grown-ups hours and hours of uninterrupted dart-blasting fun! Also, its lightweight and compact frame mean no one would have a problem handling it.

Pros Of

  • Lightweight and compact design mean kids (or adults) of any age can use it.
  • Holds six darts at a time. You don’t have to reload as often.
  • The price is just right.
  • The slam-fire mode is a huge plus.
  • It does not need any batteries.

Cons Of

  • Sometimes the barrel does not rotate properly.
  • The darts can sometimes fire weakly.
  • The slide may jam.