Nerf Ultra One Motorized Blaster Review

About This Gun

Looking for a way to own your opponents in a NERF war? Then the NERF Ultra One motorized blaster is what you’re looking for. With its 25-dart drum and semi-automatic firing mechanism, you can pepper opponents with several NERF darts quickly. Additionally, the darts have an astounding range of 120 feet – the longest range of any NERF dart that exists.

As the Ultra One is powered by a motor, you need to put in four C batteries. This does add to the weight of the gun, but it still is not that bulky. You can still maneuver quickly around corners; this NERF gun will not weigh you down. 

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The NERF Ultra One’s motorized firing mechanism lets you shoot darts rapidly. It requires 4 C batteries.

High Capacity

A large 25-dart drum holds the darts on the NERF Ultra One motorized blaster. This way, you won’t run out of rounds too quickly.

Long Range Darts

The Ultra One uses the unique NERF Ultra darts, which are designed for range. Shoot targets up to 120 feet away with these darts.

Final Verdict

The NERF Ultra One is great for bigger kids and grown-ups who want more dart-firing action. No need to pause in between shots; you just have to keep pulling the trigger. Thus NERF gun is best for those who want the experience of a real semi-automatic weapon in a safe way.

Pros Of

  • The motorized system lets you fire much faster than fully manual NERF guns.
  • You don’t have to pull a slide between each shot.
  • High capacity of 25 darts gives you more than enough ammo for a NERF battle.
  •  Not too bulky even with the four C batteries

Cons Of

  • Batteries can run out too quickly
  • Darts can jam when firing
  • Sometimes the drum does not rotate properly